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Join our real estate’s investor friendly brokerage today and jump start your investment career.


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Keep 100% of your commission for every closing and have more opportunity in your investing endeavors!


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Learn the basic of creative real estate investing and start building wealth and legacy for your family and not your broker.


Create Passive Income

Leverage your earned real estate income and create passive income to retire early or build a lifestyle.

The ultimate way to build wealth as a real estate agent and jump-start your real estate investment career.

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Omvest allowed me to quickly learn how to re-invest my commission into real estate deals and build passive income.

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How We


How We

We make it possible for everyday real estate agents to become savvy investors through creative real estate financing.

Benefits of Investing in real estate
as an agent.

The world of real estate is a competitive one, full with agents trying to get their client's business. What about building your wealth slowly by investing in properties instead! You can use creative strategies like renting them out on Airbnb or buying up foreclosures at bargain prices - anything that will help generate cash flow quickly.
As an experienced real estate agent yourself, you have the knowledge in the housing market and how to make commission. Conduct your own analysis on the properties you can buy. Use your access to the data and tools to help you analyze the properties that will give you the most return.
With the knowledge and the access to the MLS database, you are in the best spot to get the best deals. Identify the most profitable properties that others don’t know about. Use your knowledge to you advantage.
Real Estate is a people’s business and you learn with experience. Make the most of y our experience and start your own real estate journey.
You don’t need another agent; you are your agent. Save much from fees and commission. Instead, keep that all to yourself. Maximize your profit today!

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An all-new way that helps real estate agents to protect their income and create long-term stability for themselves.

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