Investor Agent Solution. Learn to re-invest your fees, partner with other agents, and close your first investment deal.

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The easiest way to become an investor-agent.


Source a deal

Learn the basics in investing & identify a promising real estate property on our platform.


Pitch your deal

Pitch your deal to other agent-investors, Pool capital and achieve more together as a team.


Form a Legal Entity

Learn how to form LLC for each property for great tax benefits and asset protection.


Close your deal and relax

Learn how to leverage your earned income and build financial security with real estate properties.

We make it possible for everyday real estate agents to achieve more together.

Collaborative Platform

Identify a promising real estate property and collaborate with your peers in a single platform.
  • Find other agent-investors.
  • Pitch and Syndicate your deal.
  • Form a legal entity.
  • Grow your network.

Benefits of Investing in real estate
as an agent.

Earn more from real estate with in other ways. Don’t just become a real estate agent, invest in real estate yourself. Always aim for more. Make the most of your skills in buying and selling real estate and build your own investment portfolio.
As an experienced real estate agent yourself, you have the knowledge in the housing market and how to make commission. Conduct your own analysis on the properties you can buy. Use your access to the data and tools to help you analyze the properties that will give you the most return.
With the knowledge and the access to the MLS database, you are in the best spot to get the best deals. Identify the most profitable properties that others don’t know about. Use your knowledge to you advantage.
Real Estate is a people’s business and you learn with experience. Make the most of y our experience and start your own real estate journey.
You don’t need another agent; you are your agent. Save much from fees and commission. Instead, keep that all to yourself. Maximize your profit today!

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